Week 2:


So, I thought, how hard could this be? Create a MindMap of the inputs I received, and how they affected me for this one week. It seemed simple enough a task.

My main concern was the method I’d use to create this map and how long it would take to get it to a point I liked it.  Well, first off… I’m still discovering the best method for me.   I thought initially, I’d do it all by hand to “Feel” the emotions as I organised the inputs and created my little world.   But in the end I decided to use Miro Board which I was familiar with and knew I could both type, link, add images and hand draw. Yet, I’m not quite at all satified with the results. Next time I do it, I’ll change what I didn’t like and add something new.

What I soon discovered was too much digital input in my world… I needed quiet time, I needed to figure out how to be with myself in solitude and quiet, or with some beautiful uplifting instrumental sound track in the background. I am totally reliant on the computer and my digital feeds. Especially, noticed this since SPECTRUM  internet service has been sketchy these past few months. My anger strikes at things I “cannot” understand that are out of my control.  And out there… in the world of digitilization which goes beyond my neighborhood, my city, my country… I feel I have little control. So time to take back my control of what I can do, by DOING:PRODUCING:CREATING the tangible.

The week’s reading were:

1. About how to get your ideas across to different types of people by using the appropriate methods of rendering: Sketches, Memory, Presentation,  Technical, and Description drawing.

2. The importance of reflection and analysis on the inputs(objects, sounds, smells, tastes, etc) that enter and cross our paths. That in turn become the sources for our inspirations… our eventual outputs. And that there are methods to spur on ones creativity… the EUREKA moment happens because you’ve primed yourself for it! 

3. Importance of journaling and sketching to take notes of the inputs and initial thoughts.

4, Importance of how to use all these tools to express ourselves, both uniquely and coherently.  Also by reading about how others eloquently revealed their personal stories through their experiences.

My personal interpretation is let it in, let it churn, let it out, and if it doesn’t work the first time around “Iterate”… again and again. And enjoy the process!