Last week we choose assets to create for our production. I choose:

1. A group of evil Coconut agents – avatars
2. Junk satellite – prop
3. Island Asylum – environment
4. Realm of the Mouse Gods Sky Palace – environment
5. A beam of light that hits the ship, enveloping it in a gentle glow and altering its course – sfx

 AI generated for : An other worldly universe, within the middle of an oval double colonnaded chamber covered by an oculi dome is a circular platform with an infinity-shaped table that has intense lightbeams emitting from the center. The infinity-shaped table is surrounded by 5 throne-like chairs. At the base of each column in the chamber is a statue under a weeping willow tree. style of hyper-realistic.

The Mouse God’s Palace central chamber should feel magical, awe inspiring and imperial exemplifying the ephemeral beings they represent.

This is a start of the chamber… it will eventually grow to be like one of the sourced images above.

The Ialand Asylumn on the other hand represents the cold, sterile and unnatural forces that seem too many times the outcome of human endeavors.