Ni Ni’s passion for art and design ignited at an early age. From there, her journey led her down the paths of fashion design, costume design, set design, and art direction. Her production design credits include ads for Crest, Verizon, Coca Cola, Garnier, Macy’s, and Samsung; promos for The Outsider’s, Late Night Snack with Rachel Dratch, and Suits; and feature film “Rockaway”.  As an art director she has followed through to make the visions of the production designer tangible for TV and film.

Now, her exploration in the many facets of design continues onto the immersive world of XR, where she strives to craft unique and interactive storytelling experiences that cultivate empathy, encourage self-discovery, and empower individuals to shape their own narrative through agency.

“I’m a dreamer who couldn’t get enough of Star Trek, and The Next Generation while growing up… which then was mostly science fiction. Today many of those concepts are becoming science fact. Technology is an intrinsic part of our lives, but its exponential development does bring about fear. This general fear and mistrust stems not from the technology itself, but how “we” use it. I am now learning to embrace technology by designing experiences that help enhance human connectivity, the human condition and our general well being.”