Week 1:

The development of this Process Website/Blog is a requirement for DM-GY 6053 – Ideation and Prototyping, Spring 2021.    It’s a self reflective blog observing my thoughts, reactions and experiences to the lectures, reading and exercises presented in this class. But then I thought, why not make this myProcess in my IDM journey.

What I came to realise was that,,,  I was not very good at expressing myself in an affective (ie., my goals, my experiences, my uniqueness, etc) to an audience off the cuff.  Perhaps, It’s because I am not really sure of my ultimate goal and I find myself a jack of all trades and a master of none. At least for the moment.

That is why I am here. I have no determined goal other than to learn and dive as deep as I can into the world of XR design and technologies. It would be nice if I could translate my previous careers in fashion, costume, and set design,  and art direction to a suitable field in the XR world, but there is so much to explore. Why lock myself into a cube?

The first few design discourses I saw and read, which included Tony Fry, Clive Dilmont and Sol Lewitt made my heart warm and my mind start tinkering… thinking “Design Study Scolars”.  They study the impact of design on cultures and society, to find ways to inprove the design process by integrating social and cultural norms, socio-economic and environmental factors and community collaborations, to think beyond now to proposition possible futures.