W10 Virtual Production / Motive / MotionBuilder – Streaming/ LiveLink / SVN / Version Control / Take Recorder

Using TortoiseSVN for version control, last week we had created our test level and a bookmark. I thought I had set my bookmark on Sunday Nov. 13th (shown in the log), but it seems I had not. And on my computer when I opened the project after class, I noticed that the SampleLevel (collab level) was looking odd. The new bookmark I created on the SampleLevel looked like this below… and still does.

In the log I had a warning on the SampleLevel.umap

Homework… Using MotionBuilder (2022), Optitrack Plugin, and Unreal Engine Plugin we were to stream in Motive Mocap to MoBu,  retarget the character exported from UE (set up with ABP_Character : LiveLink), and using the UE SDK stream out the animation to the ABP_Character.  For MotionBuilder 2022, the UE plugin could not be installed from within the working file. It had to be placed physically in Windows< ProgramFiles< Autodesk< MotionBuilder 2022< Bin< X64< Plugins. And MoBu when saving with Streaming ON… literally always crashed. But eventually, it worked and the animation that was streaming from Motive was playing in the ABP_Character viewport => to play on a level for the Take Recorder.

I learned to set up a few nodes in the Construction Script for a BP actor that allowed me to change some paramters for my character.

The StoryCrew with Todd in the lead started developing the narrative for the collaborative film: Prologue and 3 Acts. All the ideas for from the Miro board were read out load and elements that piqued our interests were highlighted to later be used in the narrative. The process was a learning experience that went incredbibly smoothly. I realise that this story is not set in stone and the creative collaborative process will only make the story better.