Week 4:   Exploration and Immersion…

There were several ways to approach this project,  50 Rendering of an object.  I could select one object and render it 50 different styles/views/mediums, or render 50 different types of that object, or 50 different interpretations of the object.

I selected FRAME and decided to research the different meanings of “Frame”.  The object, word, and verb was intentionally chosen because its meaning was quite broad. Its meaning flows through Linguistics, Horticulture, Architecture, Broadcasting,  Computing, and Sports. Its a verb, noun, and adjective. As these 50 renderings progressed, I noticed that some meanings of Frame could be conveyed by just an image, while others needed symbols, and yet other needed some form of text.

I decided not to list the meaning beside the FrameNumber, but allow reader to guess what it could be.  Then I realised, that these images, symbols and text came from my personal observations and things that I was familiar with, and not all of these representations of the meaning of FRAME would be understood.  How many were universal? How many had hidden meaning?

Turning this into some sort of survey (after of course really refining the imagery) could be one great way to understand your user.  And it could be about subjects that are relevant now… like Communication, Atmosphere,  Cooperation, Alien, Unity, Home, Safety, Wealth, Space, Environment etc.

1. Miro Frame
2. Artwork Frame
3. Photo Frame
4. Inset Wall Frame
5. Visualising Frame
6. StoryBoard Frame
7. Frame of Mind
8. Frame In
9. Monitor Frame
10. A Frame Dolly

11. Window Frame
12. Frame as Art
13. Cold  Frame
14. Door Frame
15. Flat Wall Frame
16. Animation Frame
17. Key Frame
18. Body Frame
19. Not Guilty Frame
20. Wall Decorative Frame

21. Time Frame
22. Stretcher Frame
23. Wire Frame
24. Decorative Border Frame
25. Frame an Idea
26. Focus Frame
27. Box Frame
28. Bed Frame
29. A Frame Structure
30. Lighting Truss Frame

31. Frame Rate
32. Web Frame
33. Sentence Frame
34. Frame Work Concept
35. Data Frame
36. Bowling Frame
37. Baseball Frame
38. Frame Story
39. Reference Frame
40. Building Frame

41. Structural Frame
42. Embroidery Frame
43. Glasses Frame
44. Umbrella Frame
45. Viewfinder Frame
46. Comic Strip Frame
47. Mold Casting Frame
48. Locomotive Frame
49. World Web Frame
50. TV Frame