It’s all just code… in the spring I took Creating Coding and I was introduced to the p5.js editor, processing, and arduino. All the samples work in class I created were in the p5.js editor.           Warning… the  embedded codes will make this page run a bit slow.

Above: Sol Lewitt No.915       2 sample below: Moire & Vector

This was my final project. Created the artwork in Illustrator and Photoshop, used Areduino Nano ble 33, p5 Serial Control to connect Nano to p5.js Editor. The Nano has 3 outputs, a photocell controlled the speed of one fish in the school, a potentiometer controlled it’s vertical movements, a button controlled the speed of a bubble, and use the mouse to place that fish. p5.Play was the main code for the animation.

There are so many examples out there… Soooo…. much more sophisticated and entertaining than my novice tries.