Week 2:

Laban Movements. Amazing how the mixture of movements can create tension, character, and emotion for inanimate objects. This week I got caught up in the Unreal interface and was not able to immediately dive into the projects. Also honestly programming takes me a bit of time to comprehend, but I know I’ll eventually get it.

So I was only able to start on one movement, but I have started to lay out the storyboard for the choreography. ‘It’s the NUTS and BOLTS of it’. 

The nuts and bolts start out as whirling dervishes… that eventually turn into a Tango. The music that will accompany it will be a tango piece. It’s a sexual game of power and play between the nuts and bolts before the finale when they realise they were made for each other and must submit to joining together.

But a metal plate then slides between them creating a functional object.