Week 3:

Take it back to the beginning! Look deep within me to find the WHY.

Why am I moved and determined in helping someone take a deep breath, step back from their daily rituals,  and  break out from their unremitting thoughts if just for a brief moment? I reflected on all my IDM projects and there was a distinctive thread. 

  • They involved user interaction.
  • They allowed the user to seemingly assume control.
  • Beyond user engagement, they focused on changing or making a person’s mood better.
  • Or to brighten and lighten a mood



Miro_Topic Overview
Miro_Topic Overview

aThe What, Why, Who, Where and How?

It was really hard for me to get here. And I’m not even sure if here is the right place to be. After looking into articles and studies, I found myself still drawn to the idea of helping someone break a negative mood, to help them recognize their own accomplishments, and give them the strength to move forward towards their dreams. I know this totally sounding mushy/gushy, but many of us get caught up in the daily doldrums of life, trying just make it to the next day, judging ourselves by comparisons to the achievement of others that we forget to pat ourselves on the back for our achievements, even if they be minute. We get caught up in our own thoughts that at times weigh us down, set our mood into darkness. But there is growth and positivity in this.

So I decided to focus on people who where in a depressive mood (not someone in depression as that could be a condition requiring chemical interactions and medical assistance). I decided to focus on individuals with situational depression which is a short term form of depression arising from the inability to come to terms with major changes in a person’s life, or a traumatic event. Situational Depression or in clinical terms Adjustment Disorder can appear up to 90 or so days after the event and if the symptoms last for more than 2 weeks.. consider it ‘Adjustment Disorder’. However, if this is not resolved and last for months, it can become Clinical Depression.

The week’s assignment will be late…