Week 1:

‘THESIS’ – The thought of selecting a thesis topic has weighed on my mind since the first semester at IDM last spring. I had hoped that by the Fall of 2021, I would have a better idea of the topic I wanted to focus in on.  And through ‘Theories and Cultural Impact of Media & Technology’ started to find my way to a few topics that resonated with me.  The final project for his class, as Scott suggested, was just the beginning of my explorations in discovering a thesis topic.

Yet, the thought of selecting a thesis topic still seemed daunting until I started reading ‘The Craft of Research’ by Wayne C. Booth, et al., which systematically explains the process of finding a topic, narrowing it down, developing your thesis question and then researching sources. The reading helped me to understand the process and feel more comfortable about the prospect of hitting a wall and working my way around it. It sites solutions to common problems and examples in a very concise and clear manner.

Now, I must set myself and prepare for the exhilarating, perhaps, painful and tedious task of finding a thesis topic.