I guess we initiially didn’t understand the Miro assignment and , it may still not be right…

3 witches fly under the moon across a trash shrewd landscape over Japan consumed by insanity playing quidditch ball. They are lost in their memories or was it really just dream. They show little surprise as the ball they are throwing turns into a shooting star.

It took me so much longer than I had expected to get things done… but I believe I learned so much through the many tutorials I looked at in working with the landscape tool and the modeling tools

Using Mid-Journey and StableDiffusion, I got my initial images. Then research the landscape: Japan, Island… before  viewing the tutorials on WorldBuilding and Landscapes.  I was disappointed that I could not go back and install UE5 version .02 which my spacemouse would have worked with. Navigating in the level when you are not playing the game in a large landscape is cumbersome. I do set up all my bookmarks to try to assist in the navigation

Created a landscape, then used blended layers to paint in the landscape tab. Created simple trees and grass, and used the bush and rock from the content browser.  I did not get as far as I wanted… I found myself trying to figure out how to turn a BP into a static mesh because I could not use BPs in paint mode or can I?… which I did (tools – Merge), then I used the modeling mode to create grass from cones. 

It’s work in progress… slow. But I’m on a roll.