Week 6:

Amazing how avatar creation has gotten so much easier… I remember trying to use Poser years back and I just gave up on that program (mostly because I was tired of paying for subscription plans). I use to love Adobe Fusion until it was discontinued.  Ready Player One avatars was very simple to use with limited paramters, whereas Mak Human avatar could take me acouple of hours if I really wanted to develop it. 

The exercise this week brought me back to Blender. I downloaded 3.0 and realised that I needed to make this program my GOTO for 3d creation and manipulation. There are a tons of 3d applications out their and I have paid yearly subscription plans to Cinema 4D, SketchUp, and Vectorworks, free student versions of all Autodesk 3d programs, but Blender is the only one so far that I found that has a robust community, extensive tutorials and the mission statement to be free in perpetuum.

I am not sure what I want my avatar to do or be, but I think I’d like them to become a visual explorer… maybe a meta-wizard?  Create visual portals?