This is what I have been looking forward to… working with avatars, Mocap, choreographing a story through motion and sound, and hopefully I can start to play around with particles. As I sped ahead to retargeting mocap and Mixamo data to my avatar, I realized something very important while doing the mocap. The point of origin! I have had an intense time trying to blend the animations in Unreal. I realized that I could also have done this in Motion Builder, but I have to go over the animation and layers.

Which class mates would I want to work with? Any one of them… they are all amazing. I’d work with any team that wants to use a built environment. My background is set design and art direction and I enjoy creating architectural environments and creating texture for them. I am also fascinated with fractals architecture and having them self-evolve.

But for now… it’s just learning one day at a time.


Fractle formations through probability and range

Flow of ribbons



Kalidoscopic imagery