As I stand here reflecting on my process, my struggles and unfolding insight, I feel the weight of my decisions. I’ve been going over my secondary research in order to tie the threads that are still loose in my mind. I have to pull back to focus on ‘purpose’.  I listened to the advice that I received from Scott after my final presentation and Esther, during my one on ones,: narrow down my topic even further. Who am I addressing, who are my stakeholders? In framing my questions towards that specfic demographic,  only then can I decide on my approach to research and design framework, and methods. I will arrive to a group or groups to focus on only after I do further secondary research this summer.

Should I frame the context of my project focusing in on the new studies and research recently developed on adjustment disorder (stress response syndrome) since Covid-19? Reframing my research in the context of Covid-19 could refine a specific demographic to help me formulate an approach to generative design processes.


Third Pre-Thesis Presentation